The Bulgarian Toxicological Society is an active member of EUROTOX and IUTOX.

The Society has currently ~ 60 members, who work at academies, universities,

research institutes, clinical units, in health administration and industry.

The BgTS is aimed at:

EUROTOX activities in collaboration with BgTS:

•  EUROTOX Basic Toxicology Course 2006, Borovetz.

•  EUROTOX Advanced Toxicology Course 2010, Sofia.

•  BgTS - Advanced Toxicology Course 2013 , Sofia.

Recent scientific events organizing with participation of BgTS:

- “ Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties”, International Symposium, Sofia , 2009.

- Fourth National Congress of Clinical Toxicology with International Participation and Annual Meeting of Bulgarian Toxicological Society, Sofia, 2013.